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A central focus of everything I write is the Revelation that there is a hidden outside influence that can be clearly seen in nearly everything around us.  It is the voice of God, pouring through our collective civilization--designed with the clear intention of starting a Holy Fire.  To that end, the proof of this influence begins in seeing the connection between the story of the Burning Bush in Exodus... and this fire: one which unifies the theft of Prometheus (now, proof of creation) with the realization that we are the big H in the Horn of Revelation... all of humanity.  The little n in the word Horn, a tie from Isaac Newton's apple to the A.D. of the Fifth Element.

It's a Bittersweet Symphony, and with that... a union also with the fire below Nero's feet.

To me this symphony is clearly designed to free us from slavery, a theme that pervades Exodus; and it does so by showing us that "Nero" (here the Angel of Music) is fiddling with the minds of recording artists... in order to speak to the world.  He ties religious iconography to modern lyrics in a way that proves beyond doubt that there is in fact an outside speaker--on the rooftop--not only proving his existence but this relationship that lies somewhere between divine inspiration and possession.  It's something like Orwell's "doublespeak,"  in the example of John Legend below, he may very well (and probably did) intend for there to be religious reference to Moses and to the dragons of Revelation in his words that actually speak about the messiah: "my head is under water, but I am breathing fire."  What's nearly impossible, is for him to have intended for this connection to clearly describe the actual parted sea of Moses... the one that nobody seems to notice is hidden within the Hebrew word for the Eternal Flame that begins in the Burning Bush: Ha'esh.  Moses had to walk into the sea until his head was underwater in order for it to part, in well over my head, the fire that I am breathing is really all around me--and you--and this visualization that our sea... the multitude of now... is in fact the voice of God--the fire of the Bush--is so well described by these lyrics that it's uncanny.  

It's just one example, but there are many.  Exodus is called "the Book of Names" in Hebrew, and through the names of bands like The DoorsDave Matthews, Imagine Dragons, Cake, LiveThe Pretty Reckless, and the Spin Doctors... we see another part of this Holy Fire... that God is "secretly" naming everything Eden in order to help assist this Revelation.  All those bands, also "secretly," are telling piece of story about the Second Coming... unknowingly revealing details of a hidden message that pervades religion and reality so perfectly that once we see this message everywhere around us... well, the fire that starts is about the truth spreading, designed to engulf the darkness of the 9th Plague.  In a link between Exodus and Matthew... this darkness is of a lack of understanding of the relationship between religion and technology, specifically the technologies being revealed by a link between Nero's mythical story... and the music he's fiddling with.  4-D years in the desert, and Christ wandering for 4-D days in the wilderness, this outside influence is showing us a clear relationship between time travel and our very own history.  

I've used the word "secret" to highlight the darkness, that we aren't seeing something very obvious, that the names of everything around us are "touched by an angel," all to ensure that we escape the dark desert, and truly Si.

Foreknowledge of Science... the symbols of our Periodic Table.

Here, see the Herald of Christ's return  in Revelation 1:20, which ties to this same fire of the Burning Bush by showing us a clear link between a number of Christ-related stories in the Bible... and the Lamp Stands they rest on ... it's proof that these elements are bright beacons showing us the design of our civilization.  Please wake up, this is about ending secrecy and censorship... it's about the truth, and why.  Freedom.

  1. Mercury: Bush's recitation of Ecclesiastes 9:11 begins with "the race is not to the swift."
  2. The Salt of the Earth.. from Lot's wife, to Inanna and Tammuz (that's Mary and Jesus) , to Veruka Salt.  This is the woman clothed in the nus, with the moon at her feet.  Lo, Venus.
  3. Exodus, in reverse, highlights the element of Xenon, in a Unix-translation of "let there be light." sudo is "escalate to the root of David, and say:"
  4. The Iron Rod of Jesus Christ, which ties to Mars, and a hidden message that links the Rod of Aaron to The Doors
  5. The Fifth Element, the Fifth Planet, and Si-ght to understand the nature of reality.  My initials happen to be AMD, and this tie between 14 for AD and the element of Silicon is clear... maybe only to me.  From ShakeSpeare to RattleRod, Jupiter's element links Christopher Columbus' year of walking on water... to the label of our timeline.  
  6. Ecclesiastes 9:11 continues "but time and chance happen to them all." between Potassium and Uranus there is a link between Saturn and a story of the Lamb of God being "lam," islam, that links lyrics of songs like "Two Princes," "Heaven Knows" and "GAS hed goes west" in a way that only I can explain is really about the true story of the life of Christ--a story that reveals things like a hidden message in the names of Islam (Koran, Imran), in the video game Metroid (Sammas Aran, and the cheat code.. Justin Bailey).. that show us this story ties together proof that language and history both hold the key to ending darkness.  You might see a relationship between the "Person of Time" and the K that answers "Jor-El?"

Ecclesiastes 9:11 shows us that the "stars and lamp stands" of Revelation 1:20 are in fact planets and elements... through this lead of seeing Mercury and Uranium, and the fact that Bush spoke Ecc 9:11 and Revelation 20:1 together... on January 20, 2001--matching the chapter and verse of Revelation which explains that the "Burning Bush" is in fact the "Sign of the Son."  The Day of the Lord? 9/11.  

It is understanding of this proof of prescience that leads of us from slavery, and explains the clear tie between Exodus and right this very minute.  

Here's a funny one... he says: "the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong."  ​​​​​​​Oops.
With a clear purpose of helping us Build Heaven, this Revelation shows us a pattern that implies a clear relationship between our understanding of the Universe and of technology that is clearly related to religion.

A primer in the true nature of the place we think of as "Heaven," and video games... in their names.  Sega Genesis, SON-Y Playstation, Nine Inch Nails... and NIN-10-DO... and the word "beginning."  

"Let them listen to Cake," and see why "video games" turning stone to bread, and Fig Newton's are all truly part of a hidden message... about the Sang Rael.

About ending world hunger... and seeing that the miracles of Jesus Christ in the New Testament are all related to the Revelation that we might just be able to "snap our fingers..." and feed the poor.

From Cain and Abel, the Garden of Eden, to the Land of Flowing Milk and Honey... to the Last Supper--this hidden religious theme of food is a glowing holy reason to know the truth.   Did we need one?

"Neither yet bread to the wise...." that's the phrase of Ecclesiastes 9:11 that matches Earth and Exodus.
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